‘If our Political System is the Human Body,

Then Political Parties are the heart and soul of it.’


The All India Political Parties Meet was formed as a body supplementary to the Parliament, without any legislative power for a specific purpose in order to serve as a union for political debates which are seldom allowed in the Parliament. Politics in India has moved from a one party dominance to the present era of coalition politics. The political history of India has been both dynamic and constantly evolving.


Thus, the AIPPM will give all the participants to bring out that little politician that they have within them. The flexible rules of procedure further facilitate debate and make the committee interesting enough for everyone present at the conference wishing to catch a glimpse. All India Political Parties Meet will be one of the most happening committees of our MUN. The committee will have representatives from all the prominent Political Parties of India and various other organizations that play an important role in the making of the society.


In the DPSJ MUN 2016, AIPPM is going to be a crisis committee in which the delegates will have to face a realistic problematic situation and will discuss the solutions to the same. The representatives will be judged on the basis of their constructive ideas and creativity of the solutions they suggest. The committee will be packed with heated debates and meaningful discussions. We wish all the participants All the very Best and hope that you’ll make the best out of this committee.

AGENDA- Historic continuous crisis on Mandal Commission
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