General Assembly

General Assembly

The General Assembly is the most fundamental organ of the United Nations. It consists of a representative from each member nation of the UN. The GA plays a key role in the financing of peacekeeping. The General Assembly at DPSJMUN 2016 will discuss on the Agenda relating to the future of Middle East State Boundaries.


The Middle Eastern region consists of Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Syria, Bahrain, Tunisia, UAE, Iran, Yemen, Oman, etc. At present many of the countries in this region are involved in conflicts; the reasons for the increasing conflicts being political, historical and religious. A terrorist group by the name of ISIL is trying to form a caliphate by capturing areas held by legitimate states. By their actions, this terrorist group has made the whole region unstable.  People have become refugees in their own lands. A large number of them have fled to Europe and other parts of the world risking their lives and leaving their life’s earnings behind. The economy of these countries is in shambles now. Entire cities have been plundered and destroyed, and millions have been killed. The tentacles of terrorism have spread to Europe and the Western countries.


The intensity of the issue is increasing exponentially. What can be the solution for the betterment of the above specified issue? What can be done to ensure peace in these countries? Will Middle-East ever be successful to maintain peace among themselves or extensive interference from other powerful countries is necessary? The delegates will discuss upon these questions to find answers for the same. It will be interesting to see different countries take contrasting sides on the issue.  We hope that you’ll find the discussions in this committee enriching and knowledgeable.

Best of luck to all the participants!

AGENDA- Future of Middle Eastern state boundaries

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