Greetings by Director Sir

Greetings by Director Sir

“Seventy years ago, the United Nations rose from the ashes of war. Governments agreed on a visionary Charter dedicated to ‘We the Peoples’. The Agenda you are adopting today advances the goals of the Charter. It embodies the aspirations of people everywhere for lives of peace, security and dignity on a healthy planet.”

These words were said by Mr. Ban Ki Moon, Secretary General of the United Nations, on 25th September 2015. It was the occasion of Assembly’s formal adoption of the new framework, Transforming Our World: the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, which is composed of 17 goals and 169 targets. The highlights of this Agenda are to End Poverty and Hunger, Full and Productive Employment, achieving Gender Equality, Adequate availability of Water and Energy Resources, Reducing Inequality among countries, combating Climate Changes, and providing Sanitation to all. All these targets are to be achieved while keeping in mind the thought of Sustainable Development.

To some of us, these goals might seem a bit too basic and fundamental. We, the people belonging to the well-to-do sections of the society, may feel that these goals are nothing drastic but are just the things which are going on for the past 70 years and will continue for another five decades. This is where the urgent need for a change lies. The people who have resources according to their wants have forgotten how important it is to think about those who aren’t able to fulfill even their most fundamental needs. The pain, concern and sensitivity towards our fellow human beings has completely vanished from our hearts and most of us have turned into self-centered homo-sapiens. This thinking needs to undergo a radical revolution.

#Vision 2030 is indeed a blueprint for a better future. We must use the goals to transform the world. And we must do that through partnership and commitment. We must leave no-one behind. We must include parliaments and local governments, and work with cities and rural areas. We must rally businesses and entrepreneurs. We must involve civil society in defining and implementing policies. We must listen to scientists and academia. We will need to embrace a data revolution. Most important, we must set to work – now.

The youth and the children, who form a good 40% of the world population, are bound to play an integral role in making these goals a living reality. Young people are bundles of endless energy. They just need to be directed in the right way to use their energy on. And this needs to be one at a very young age – when the child’s mind is like clay; it can take whichever shape we want to give it. MUN Conferences play a vital role in giving the right direction to a child’s mindset.

By an MUN, a child is introduced to a completely new world of changing scenarios. Gradually, he or she starts realizing the problems faced by people all across the globe. While preparing for debates, they tend to ponder about the solutions too. Children participating in MUN Conferences develop an analytical and problem solving ability, and most importantly, a zeal to work for the society. An MUN compels the participants to look beyond national boundaries and short-term interests. It makes them realize that we as citizens can no longer afford to think and work in silos.

DPSJ MUN will encourage the students to ponder over the various aspects of world politics and problematic situations faced by the people. This MUN would not be about trophies or certificates, but about assuming new and exciting perspectives, discussing important issues, becoming sensitive to different cultures and growing confident in your ability to form ideas.

Hope that all the participants witness an inspiring and a knowledgeable MUN

Kind Regards

Kul Bhushan Kain
Director, Dps Jaipur