Greetings by Principal Ma’am

Greetings by Principal Ma’am

Dear delegates,

It gives me immense pleasure to announce the inaugural edition of the DPSJ MUN, which is completely a student driven programme.

Being an academic simulation of the United Nations and its various organs, the MUN is a potent tool to develop the awareness and general knowledge of the students. It extensively works over the intellectual thinking of a student. Not only does it inculcate a sense of responsibility and team work among the participants, but also familiarises them with the importance of hard work. An MUN is a perfect blend of Education and Entertainment, it has it all; the serious debates to the fun bites. An MUN compels the students to stand apart from the crowd. It empowers them to think about being of value to the society rather than just being successful. The motto of Delhi Public School, Jaipur, SERVICE BEFORE SELF, is truly the basis of an MUN.

Michael Jackson beautifully sums up the idea in his song “ HEAL THE WORLD “ which is the core behind DPSJ MUN:

Heal the world, make it a better place

For you and for me and the entire human race

There are people dying, if you care enough for the living

Make a little space for you and for me

The DPSJ MUN will not only introduce the students to the world of politics but will also enhance their linguistic abilities and public speaking skills. It will play a pivotal role in broadening the children’s horizons and will develop their analytical abilities. This conference will provide an excellent platform to the delegates and will help unleash their latent potentials. It will enable the students to scrutinize the policies of different countries on various issues of importance to the country and the world, and inculcate the skills of negotiation and articulation, thereby, teaching them to voice themselves with conviction and clarity.

With the energetic, compliant, zesty and highly inspired secretariat working day and night, we hope to make this event an enriching experience for all the participants. We expect this event to be packed with intense discussions, meaningful debates and creative solutions. I wish success to the delegates in all their future endeavours and  hope that they’ll return with enhanced knowledge and happy reveries. I also hope that the participants will carry back with them solutions for a safe, secure and sustainable world.

Warm Regards

Sangeeta Kain

Host Principal