Greetings by Principal Ma’am

Greetings by Principal Ma’am

“If We Can’t All Swim Together,
We Will Sink. There Is No Plan B.
Because There Is No Planet B.”
BAN KI-MOON, UN Secretary General

The United Nations is a world body that aims to promote peace and international co-operation. Its
objectives include promoting human rights, protecting the environment, providing humanitarian aid in case
of famine, disaster etc.
Model UN or MUN is an academic simulation where students assume the role of international diplomats.
The main features of MUN are discussions, deliberations & negotiations. These lead to many resolutions
which are drafted, employing the rules & regulations and protocols as in the UN itself.
The benefits of MUN include acquiring knowledge through research, honing public speaking & debating
skills, improving writing skills, and inculcating leadership skills, critical thinking and decision making. MUN
also helps student understand global issues and develops skills to lead the world & bring changes.
After its first successful edition of MUN, Delhi Public School, Jaipur is happy to come up with yet another
event that promises to inspire constructive solutions amongst students, bringing students from different
backgrounds together to go through grilling sessions of debates and discussions.
Our team of enthusiastic and hardworking students and their multi-talented falicitators are eager to provide
you an experience that will leave you asking for more.
It will be our pleasure to host all the delegates in the beautiful campus of Delhi Public School, Jaipur in July.
We are all looking forward to engaging and enlightening discussions, where the well researched
discussions will lead to consensus building on the various issues that plague our planet.
Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us in case of any need. Our team is more than prepared to help
make the DPSJMUN 2018 a memorable one for all stakeholders.

God bless…..

Warm Regards

Sangeeta Kain

Host Principal