LOK Sabha

LOK Sabha

The Lok Sabha, being the highest forum of discussions and debates on national policies and public issues is the backbone of the Indian polity. Hence, this makes the Lok Sabha a specialized committee of the inaugural DPSJMUN 2016.


With the diverse implications concerning secularism in the country, the Uniform Civil Code is one of the most heated issues in the 21st century. Because of its immense socio-political importance, it has been adopted as agenda for the DPSJMUN 2016.

UCC in India is the proposal to replace the individual laws of religion which are based on the scriptures and customs of each community with a common set of laws governing every citizen of the country.


There are no doubts of it being a controversial topic as it directly targets the religious beliefs and sentiments of the people. But nonetheless, it is a very crucial topic concerning secularism which is the most fundamental characteristic of sovereign India, a topic which has been the most emotive in contemporary politics since the Shah Bano case of 1985. Whenever this topic gets raised at the parliamentary level, it eventually turns into a loud scuffle between the MPs of different political parties.


Various political parties of India have different viewpoints which make for a really interesting debate between the representatives dealing with this sensitive issue.

It will be really interesting to watch our representatives dealing with this controversial issue. Whether they will pick holes in each others’ suggestion or will they really find a peaceful solution to it.

Anyhow, whatever the outcome may be, we wish our representatives the best of luck and hope for an interesting committee!

AGENDA- Uniform Civil Code
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