Meet of islamic warlords

Meet of islamic warlords

The Meeting of Islamic Warlords Committee is one of the most innovative committees at DPSJMUN. The warlords will discuss about the expansion and integration of the non-state actors. The decentralization of post- Cold War states, and the Cold War legacy of a world awash in advanced conventional weapons and know-how, has assisted the expansion of terrorism worldwide.

The agenda of this committee has 3 subparts dealing with funds, weapons and propaganda. Since 1989, the growing willingness of Islamic extremists to strike targets outside immediate country or regional areas underscores the global nature of modern day terrorism. The militants always have different reasons behind their attacks. The representatives will talk and infer about these reasons.


Many questions arise about the terrorists’ funds. What is the need of the funds? There have been many cases of blackmailing, kidnapping, robbing by the terrorists. Their offences further extend to hijacks, illegal oil businesses and human trafficking. But even these ways have not been enough to provide them with all the funds that they need and thus the terrorists require a more permanent and enduring resolution, no matter how worse the situation becomes.


How do the warlords get their weapons? We know for a fact that a large amount of US weapons found their way to the warlords past security of several borders. How do they manage to do all this? Where else can the Islamic organizations get their ammunition from?


The third sub-agenda is propaganda. Speaking of propaganda, we probably should talk about Adolf Hitler, the Nazis and Adolf’s close associate named Paul Joseph Goebbels. According to them, they were pure and unadulterated and everyone other than them was to be treated like filth. Goebbels was the Reich Minister of Propaganda in Nazi Germany from 1933 to 1945. Hitler and his people actually convinced the Jews that they deserved that behavior thus they started surrendering to the Nazis. Goebbels once said, “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it.” And that was exactly what they did.


The jihadist are also searching for a Goebbels of their own. They need that one person to improvise their image. What would happen if they do find a Goebbels for themselves?


What is the need of publicity? How will these warlords meet their ever-growing need of funds? What new ideas can be employed by them to get the truckloads of weapons as they want? And as stated earlier, who will be the appropriate Goebbels for them? These are the few questions that the delegates of this Committee of Islamic Warlords will try to answer.

Best of luck to all the participants! We hope you’ll have a memorable and knowledgeable experience.

AGENDA- Expansion and integration with special emphasis on funds,weapons and propaganda

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