Secretary General

Secretary General

Dear delegates and faculty advisors,

On behalf of the Secretariat and Organising Team of DPSJMUN, it is my absolute pleasure and honour to welcome you all to the second edition of Delhi Public School Jaipur Model United Nations – DPSJMUN.

As the neoteric era sets in and the dexterity of individuals to express rises exponentially, we are starting to have more access to power than ever before. The expanse of our knowledge, technology, and media has liberated the voice of the adolescence like the generations before us could never have imagined. As members of this generation of critical thinkers, we wield the power to truly inculcate the voice of our people into the institutions that govern us.


To these ends, we must use the knowledge we have obtained from historical episodes to resolve contemporary conflicts and form institutions and processes that ensure that humankind introspects and rises above the conflicts to create an exotic atmosphere of harmonious existence.


Our motto, ‘Consensus Ad Idem’, speaks of the central principle of DPSJMUN, which is to use all the knowledge of the brilliant minds that will join us to reach a consensus to bring about a change in today’s grief stricken world.

This year, the Secretariat of DPSJMUN has put in a lot of effort to come up with committees that directly focus on the burning issues faced by the world today. Ranging from Fourth International: Socialists’ Meet to principal organs of United Nations like the United Nations Security Council – we hope to experience three days of brain-storming sessions extensive debates, deliberations which will give rise to a collective desire to create a peaceful world.

I sincerely hope that all the hard work  put in by the Organising Team will make the experience an unforgettable one for all the delegates and guests joining us for  the conference.

With these hopes, aims, and beliefs, I invite you to participate in the three days of skillful tact, effective diplomacy, and breakthrough ideas at DPSJMUN 2018.

I, along with, the Secretariat look forward to welcome you to our school in July,


Warm Regards

Harshita Singh

Secretary General