Security Council

Security Council

The Security Council of the United Nations is a dominion body which aspires egalitarianism. It has primary responsibility of international peace and security. It sets forth the principles for peaceful settlements. In DPSJMUN, the delegates of the Security Council will be seen discussing two different agendas.
The foremost agenda for this committee is an issue which has raised waves of unease and rage, the agenda of Granting Nationhood to Kurdistan. The Kurds have been fighting for self rule ever since the end of the Ottoman Empire after World War I. The struggle reached its peak after 1979, when Saddam Hussein came to power. An independence referendum for Iraqi Kurdistan was planned to be held in 2014 but was taken back. Gaining impetus again, the referendum is supposed to take place before October 2016. This is the one of the hottest topics of discussion around the globe. This discussion is going to be one of the most important and interesting topic here at DPSJMUN 2016.
Another agenda for the Security Council is the South China Sea Dispute. A small outcropping of land forms the case of a fierce dispute among 6 primary claimants: Brunei, China, Malaysia, the Philippines, Taiwan and Vietnam. These claimants contend over issues of sovereignty not susceptible to easy legal resolution. The Sea is the primary route for international trade and many claimants believe that the Sea holds bountiful reserves of oil, thus stakes are high. Disputes in the sea have dominated headlines and have put forward questions in forming the future cause of both conflict and region. The delegates at DPSJMUN 2016 will debate on this global issue to find amicable solutions for the dispute.


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AGENDA- 1) Independence to Kurdistan

2)The conflict in south china sea

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