The superhero committee

The superhero committee

The Superhero Committee is one of the most prominent highlights of DPSJMUN 2016. A whole lot of effort was made to bring this committee up into existence. It aims at providing the delegates with a conducive atmosphere wherein they assume the role of the actual superheroes, experiencing pressurizing and complex situations. This committee also gives you the chance to turn your lifelong dream of being a superhero into a reality.


The agenda of the committee is ‘Registration of the Superheroes Act.’ It lays emphasis on the fact that the need for super-powered individuals to act under official regulations is highly necessary. The act will basically state that the Superheroes should not be allowed be allowed to exercise absolute freedom, but instead should be ruled by the Law of the country they take the citizenship of. Quite obviously, the Superheroes will have to do that one thing they are very apprehensive of, revealing their true identities to the government. What will be the conclusion of all the heated as well as animated discussions of the committee? Will Superheroes give in to this act or will get away from this just like they always do?


Needless to say, this committee will surely be the most exciting part of the DPSJMUN 2016, as in, who would want to miss the greatest of Superheroes come alive from comics and debating on who is more powerful and a better savior of humanity.

AGENDA- Registration of the superhero act

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