Update 2018

To Speak or Not to Speak: A Debatable Opinion
The air of the Delegates of the Security Council on the first day of the conference, was initially one of nervousness due to unfamiliarity with the procedures, being new to this gathering. The only spark of energy in the committee was seen from the delegate of North Korea, clearly a very experienced member. Taking off to a slow start, the delegates gradually joined in the conversations, leading to an open debate.
The delegate of Pakistan was seen stating that nuclear weapons are safe with Pakistan and was obviously cross questioned by the delegate of North Korea. As expected, the reply was sent via a chit which remained confidential. After a short tea break a heated debate between Russia and North Korea took place, with North Korea retaining the upper hand.
While only a few delegates were informative participants, a few, like the delegate of Iraq stood out for their decision to remain silent.
As for the rest of the delegates; their excitement and eagerness was conspicuous by their very absence.

Wide Ranging Concerns Debated at the General Assembly
General Assembly, a committee to address the world issues at hand was a part of IntraSchool MUN 2k17, the majority of its members being first time participants.
Covering a wide range of concerns, the committee started off with the discussion on self determination, on which even North Korea had something to say. Several motions were raised and debated; they failed, but the session continued.
The committee deliberated upon such topics as refugees, South China Sea, self determination, occupation of territories, among others, but failed to reach any consensus in this session.

A Lok Sabha Divided: Congress vs BJP
The first day of the discussions were highlighted by an interesting melange of intense debate and discussion, thought provoking arguments, and much needed aggression, peppered with snarky remarks and comments.
The committee started off on a placid pace, but rapidly picked up speed, with Narendra Modi and Rahul Gandhi in a loud and heated battle of words, which slowly morphed into a rage fuelled debate. While the opposition party led by an articulate and well researched Rahul Gandhi, insisted on the issue of homing and giving shelter to the tragedy stricken refugees, the opposition held a snarling stance against said refugees, with Modi holding the tricoloured reigns of BJP’s chariot. Re-identifying the Lok Sabha with a lack of civility, Dhananjay B. Mahadik chose to resort to name-calling against Mr. Gandhi.
The sessions were ably handled with expected efficiency, with a very meticulous Siddhi granting point after point of information to excited delegates and Kushagra smartly questioning the arguments they proposed. They were both very dedicated and detail oriented chairs, encouraging and correcting, and indeed made the committee, the best in the MUN.
The debate focused on the refugee crisis in our country with special emphasis on the Rohingya problem, with the BJP’s occasionally violent enthusiasm contrasted against the calm and composed demeanour of the Congress. However, no consensus was achieved on this day.